Looking for Hug Day Images 2018 for your Valentine?

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Happy Hug Day Images 2018:-  Hug day The day comes on 12th February. Every lover desperately waits for this day, everyone wants a warm big hug from their loved once. Youth and couples celebrates this special day by expressing their feelings through a hug to loved ones. Hey guys, don’t be sad if your loved one is far from you on this special hug day.

Happy Hug Day 2018- Celebrate It With a Jaadu Ki Jhappi!

Life is represented by a collection of memories, experiences and decisions. The very incidents that have occurred in your life define you as an individual, who you truly are. While some of them might get etched in your memory forever, others might have faded away over a period of time. However, every decision that was being taken was done only after giving it a substantial amount of thought and closely evaluating all the possible alternatives.



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Happy Hug Day Shayari, Hug Day Quotes, Happy Hug Day Messages In Hindi, Hug Day Poems works as miracle to impress and express feelings to the loved once. As this is the 6th day of valentines week, till than you already have proposed your loved one and now its the time to make her feel special and hug works best. Here, we have come up a huge collection of Happy Hug Day Wishes, Quotes, Messages.


  • Wake your love up with a wish and happy hug day images; there is nothing better than letting them know that you remember and care.
  • Make a personalized card for them. Download happy hug day images and along with pictures of you both create a personalized card. This will make your partner feel special.
  • Go to a picnic on the outskirts of the city. Give sudden hugs throughout the day to make them feel even better.


The Valentine week 2018 will also bring a new passion and enthusiasm among the youth. Lovers are eagerly waiting for 2018 Valentines Day and the Valentine Date Sheet. We know that you come to this website to know the Date sheet of Valentine Week 2018 and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed. For the youth and Lovers of the nation, we have made available all the relevant information about the Valentine Day List 2018.

This Hug Day, we bring to you a one-stop solution to rid you of your decision making worries in some of the day-to-day life situations. And the solution is quite simple – a warm, loving hug a.k.a. a Jaadu Ki Jhappi!

1. Hit and Do Not Run!

The never ending traffic jams and the persistent honking on the roads can paralyse and deafen anyone. The precarious balance to be maintained between your clutch and accelerator is impossible to sustain and your leg is bound to slip, grazing the car up ahead. While you might be used to the dents and scratches decorating your bummer, others just might not be. As they ferociously open their door and walk towards you in anger, do not be frightened. Lurch forward and embrace them while muttering some hasty apologies. That ought to dissipate the anger.

2. Sheesha Ho Ya Dil Ho…

Being Indians we are born with an affinity to love cricket. We worship the sport, idolise the players and without doubt, we bleed blue. However, our love for the sport is not restricted to watching the game alone. Everyone loves to play a match on Sunday mornings and for adherent fans, a game every day is a must. We have all made the mistake of being held hostage in the moment and hitting the ball a bit too hard, straight through our neighbour’s window or their new car’s windshield. For a cheap way out, instead of compensating them for their loss, give them a Jaadu Ki Jhappi and flee before they can think twice.

3. Stupid, Crazy Love!

Being in a relationship dictates unwavering love, commitment and dedication. With so much being expected of you, you are bound to miss out on a few tiny details such as your partner’s birthday or your anniversary. If only they could practise the principle of ‘forgive and forget’. In times of desperation, when you see no other way out, go for the age old tradition of ‘hug and mumble’. The important point to note is to mumble and hug in unison. The hug will lose its effectiveness if your partner doesn’t hear you fumbling over your apologies.

So, go out there and make a difference to your daily life on this Hug Day with your Jaadu Ki Jhappis. We wish you a very Happy Hug Day!

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